October 28, 2013

Oh HauteDamn!

Ya'll don't understand, I found a restaurant that makes me throw my hands in the ayer - ay-ayer! This is what happens when Flo Rida is pumpin' in my CD player, player after eating at one of the most unique and excellent restaurants my wife and I have ever had the chance of eating at. The HauteDish located off Washington Ave in the Warehouse District is that said place.

Since hearing of HauteDish just a few years ago, I've been wanting to pay them a visit after reading the menu. I finally got that opportunity during the most recent Restaurant Week put on by Mpls/St.Paul Magazine on an annual basis. There's plenty of great food being served on their everyday menu's, but during restaurant week, it's just a few select items, select items that I was interested in trying any ways. Now, when I say this place is unique, it's an understatement and in an awesome way! 

We started our dining experience with a a couple of drinks and two selections from the first dish list. We went with their House Salad and Char Cuts. This was no ordinary house salad like most other restaurants, this was probably one of the best! I can't really explain every detail of this simple, yet delicious salad, but the dressing (which they simply called a ranch) was nothing like a traditional ranch. If they want to call it ranch though, it's the best I've ever had. The other dish was a plate with three versions of meats with one of them (pink looking stuff) being a chicken and beef pate. We did indeed try it, but decided to save our appetites for the other dishes. The other two were excellent varieties and you'll just have to go check them out for yourself.

Lets keep this "party movin'" with the next courses. Our next two meals were their Mac N' Cheese and Pumpkin Stew. As you can see by the photo below, our stew actually came out in a mini pumpkin and was one of the best soups that I've ever had, hands down! Scallops, King Crab, Blue Prawn and Panang Curry is what you will find in this stew and I can't stress this enough... it's a MUST get! The Mac N' Cheese was outstanding with a completely different twist to mac n' cheese. Made with; Taleggio (white Italian cheese), King Crab, Celery, Truffle Oil over a very large noodle - oh HauteDamn is right! 

We finish up this "dance party" with our final two dishes of the evening. The first dish I'm going to share is the dish that caught my attention and my obsession to want to check this place out. Tater Tot HautDish, but not just any dish and nothing like an actual hot dish that grandma perfected over the years and past down to the next generation of cooks. This one, unfortunately for grandma, is better! Short Rib, Porcini (fungus family), green beans in a house made and amazing gravy and finished off with their version of a tots. I can't explain the tots, but trust me - this dish is absolutely outstanding. The other and definitely not least dish was the Roast Chicken X2. What caught my attention was the description - German Inspired. Yep, I must try that! An assortment of Colored Beets, Carrot, Fried Asparagus Tips, Sauerbraten with a Butterflied Chicken Breast with a Pate in the center. For not being a German restaurant, they nailed it! 

Touch the ceiling baby, because the HauteDish will have you doing it anyways with the cuisine they're serving up to their patrons. We didn't go for a dessert, but I'm guessing those are just as delicious as the rest of the menu. I am indeed looking forward to a return visit to try some their other amazing sounding dishes and ready to, throw them hands up! 

119 Washington Avenue North 
Minneapolis, MN 55401 

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