June 23, 2013

Hey Porter, Hey Porter - Creek

Johnny Cash once sang about "How much longer will it be till we cross that Mason Dixon Line?" While I don't have an answer for you Mr. Cash, I do have an answer for how long it will take you to get to a place called Porter Creek Hardwood Grill. It will probably take you around 15 minutes to get there from... Okay, okay, I'm not actually going to start providing directions for the entire Twin Cities. but if you can find County Road 42 in Burnsville, your nose might help you the rest of the way.

No seriously... You should smell the aroma coming from Porter Creek's wood fired rotisserie pit. As my wife and I were pulling into the parking lot, it was sensory overload and we were already excited to try their food. As you enter through the front entrance you're greeted immediately by the open kitchen and rotisserie, oh and a hostess as well. You'll also notice their wall's, yes WALL'S of wine and if you're anything like my wife, that's heaven! Certainly it's beautiful throughout the whole place inside, but it was an awesome day outside, so off to the patio and what a great patio it was.

After ordering a couple cold brews and listening to today's specials (two of which we would be ordering), it was time to look over the menu and figure out what my tummy was going to be stuffed with. My eyes went straight to the Oven Baked Skillets section of the menu (hard not to since it was highlighted for me) and I'm sure glad I did. I saw two words that are definitely a weakness for me when it comes to food (among others) and those two words were - Buffalo and Mac, but first, lets start with the app. 

Our app was one of the specials for the day - Pulled Pork prepared with a Chipotle BBQ sauce (nothing like the BBQ you put on ribs, chicken or wings - not even close, this was much better), some jalapeno's, a little cilantro and lime then placed inside fresh corn tortillas that are made in house. The first thing I told our server Kelly (who by the way was an awesome server) was that - 1. These should be on the menu at all times as an app or a meal. and 2. I would come back and eat these before heading to a very large handful of Mexican Restaurants around town. Oh yes, they were that good! 

Back to those two words I was talking about - Buffalo and Mac. When they're separated, they're delicious. But together? Oh man! Their Buffalo Mac is prepared with a spicy buffalo cream sauce, rotisserie chicken, baked until golden with blue cheese crumbles and was one of my all-time favorite mac's. I'm think I may have to start a Best Mac Challenge Soon as more and more restaurants start to add custom made macs to the menu. I can tell you right now that Porter's Mac will be at the top of that list, that's for sure. My mac also came with a side salad and I decided to go with the Caeser Salad. Sounds simple enough, but there was one thing that caught my eye that made me choose this salad and that was - Polenta Croutons. WOW! Get this salad, you'll thank me! 

On to my wife's meal and yet another very delicious meal indeed. Her meal was the other special for the day - the Hanger Steak Sandwich. This very tender and I mean tender steak sandwich had some amazing flavor. Settled between two slices of ciabatta bread along with some arugula, onions and a delicious aioli. You can also choose a side - french fries, slaw or mashed potatoes. I once heard that nice restaurants just like Porter Creek is, shouldn't serve french fries as a side so I asked my wife to get the potatoes. Some basic taters, but still buttery, seasoned nicely and delicious. Do I have you considering this one too? 

Hey porter! Hey porter! Please get my bags for me. I need nobody to tell me now that we're in... Gosh darn it Johnny, your catchy song is in my head now and I almost forgot to mention one last thing. Like a lot of elegant restaurants, you receive bread and butter prior to any portion of your meal arriving to your table and Porter Creek is no exception. But like other places out there serving a custom flavored butter (cinnamon, honey, etc), theirs was just butter so we decided to have a chat with our server Kelly. We told her that Porter Creek should make their butter unique that would reflect their cuisine and the suggestion was a Garlic-Rosemary Butter. While this in no way will deter my wife and I from returning (why would bread and butter do such a thing?), we just thought it would be a great addition to an already amazing menu.

If Mr. Cash was still alive and singing about a train puffin' smoke and an engineer blowing his whistle, I'm positive that he would thoroughly enjoy stopping by Porter Creek Hardwood Grill for a delicious meal if he was ever in the area for a concert. I know you will too!

14201 Burngarten Drive 
Burnsville, MN 55306

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