June 3, 2013

Fishing In The Dark???

If it feels like you’re literally “fishing in the dark” when it comes to sushi, I would like to try and help you figure out where the best place is to go. This is all about the top places to find the best sushi in the Twin Cities for those of you who like it, but hear this, that and the other thing about a place you’ve been wanting to try.

Not every place is good and often is the reason why first timers who are very skeptical to begin with stop enjoying sushi all together. Hopefully this challenge will get you to a place where you can enjoy sushi as much as my wife and I do, because when it’s prepared and served properly, it’s oooh sooo enjoyable! 

We’ve been to some excellent places for sushi and we’ve also been to places that should be forced to stop serving sushi for how bad it really is. Sometimes it depends on the chef as well, because there are some really bad chefs out there who shouldn’t be sushi chefs, but in general, the majority of them do an outstanding job. 

We’ll continue to add to the Sushi Challenge List as we visit new places and if you think there’s a place we need to check out, let us know! If you would rather be lying on your back and counting the stars instead of eating sushi, well that’s okay too...

1. Saji-Ya
Some of the best sushi you'll find in the Twin Cities and my favorite place to go. I'm not a huge cucumber fan, so what sets this place apart is they use shredded carrots in place of the cucumber, but that's not why it's #1. They're number one because they know how to roll a nice tight sushi roll and they cut their fillets perfectly with a sharp knife instead of other places which you will read about below. It looks like some places just tear the fish! We tend to sit at the bar as well because the bartenders have great personalities. What to get while you're at Saji-Ya? Anything! Check out their awesome happy hour menu too.

2. Fuji Grill & Sushi Bar
This small "hole-in-the-wall" located in Rosemount opened in a small strip and I was very hesitant to try it. I kept thinking to myself "fast food sushi, that can't be quality". Boy was I wrong and I am sure glad we gave them a try. This place is serving up some of the finest cuts of sushi throughout the metro. Cut to perfection, always tastes AND smells fresh. They just prepare their rolls perfectly and my favorite is their signature Fuji Roll - Shrimp tempura, salmon topped w. spicy crab salad & chef special sauce. 

3. Kyoto Sushi & Hibachi 
A great all-you-can-eat sushi place with chefs preparing and serving some outstanding sushi. These chefs know how to cut the fish properly and can roll a sushi roll properly as well. You can read more about my take on Kyoto at > Let Me See That Sushi Roll!

4. Seven Sushi & Steakhouse 
Known mostly for their steaks, this place also has some very talented chefs serving some really good cuts of sushi. I recommend trying whatever sounds good to you.

5. Osaka - Apple Valley 
After going to the Osaka located in Richfield, I had no plans on ever going back to another Osaka, but apparently there are 3 different Osaka family run sushi restaurants throughout the Twin Cities and this one is pretty darn good. Head there Monday through Thursday for their discounted sushi checklist for an affordable night out enjoying sushi.

6. Akita Sushi & Hibachi 
An all-around good sushi place and mostly known for their all-you-can-eat selections. It's the place where my wife and I first went for sushi as a couple and where our love for sushi began.

7. Kona Grill
This place could be much higher in the rankings, but the service is terrible! They have some outstanding sushi and it tastes fresh! Might be a good place for take out if they even do that...

8. Tiger Sushi - MOA 
Not all that bad, but not all that good either. Eating sushi in a mall in a little tiny space just kind of seemed like not the best decision, but it's not the worst concept, nor was it the worst tasting either...

9. Crave Restaurant 
Their chefs aren't the best rollers or fillet cutters. While their sushi might not be all that bad, it's impossible to eat one of their rolls because the chefs need to further their education in rolling and filleting.

10. Sushi Tango 
I felt like I was in a fish market with some old fish. was really fishy tasting and smelling a little not so pleasant as well. Nothing really more to mention about this place!

11. Osaka - Bloomington/Richfield 
Like Sushi Tango... This place had some terrible fish! Their chefs weren't the greatest either and I can remember just leaving the majority of our sushi rolls for the garbage and eating just the rice.

12. Origami Restaurant
According to their website, this place is know for - "Best Sushi In Minneapolis" and "Award Winning Japanese Cuisine". Really? Who's judging? My wife thought that this place had some of the freshest tasting fish while I was being reminded of the disgusting fish you would find at Kami in Apple Valley. We had a Spicy Yellow Tail Roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll and after one bite I told my wife, "I wish I had a Juicy Lucy right about now!" Best Sushi? Not even close! One last thing... The happy hour menu needs some attending to as well.

13. Kami Sushi & Steakhouse - Apple Valley 
Downright disgusting! Really nothing more to say, but you can read more about my take on this place by visiting > If I Close My Eyes Forever... 

Again, feel free to share your comments or let us know about a place we should check out that we haven't yet! 


engdak said...

I could give a recommendation for sushi places in Korea but it wouldn't do much good..,

Nicholas said...

I would love to be in Korea with you right now eating probably the best sushi I will ever have! Hope you're enjoying everything young man...

Anonymous said...

You should really check out Wakame in St Louis Park

Eva said...

Origami Restaurant and Obento-ya are restaurants owned by Japanese and they are two of my favorites among all Japanese restaurants in the Twin Cities.