October 21, 2012

I Love You Woolley's Wo-Wo-Woolley's!

Make it, serve it Woolley's Woolley's... Don't stop cookin' 'cause I feel alright now... Wait a second, how did Billy Idol get involved with food? Well, the answer my friends is because I'm just that clever and I thank this 80's rock star for his catchy tune and inspiration.

Please don't stop cookin', because it's places like these that I tell everyone they need to try at least once in their lifetime. What is that exactly? A fine dining restaurant, that yes is on the expensive side, but worth it. You're actually getting what you're paying for and that's some of the finest, well made and elegantly presented food that you won't find at some chain restaurant made by a line cook, but rather an experienced chef. In fact, I would even say some chefs need to be reeducated on how to make food after going to places like Crave, which also has a higher priced menu, but nothing like Woolley's!

So what would I recommend? That's simple... EVERYTHING! No I didn't try everything on the menu, but the few things that my wife and I did were amazing and I have no doubt the rest of the menu would follow suit. This was our first time at Woolley's and it's definitely a place that we would return to for a special occasion or anniversary. Lets face it, we're just a modest living couple and unfortunately, we're unable to eat out at these excellent places all the time, but when we do, we go all in!

Okey okey, I'll get to the food... :) My wife went with the Woolley's Filet which she Oscared and included your choice of potato(she went with fingerlings) and asparagus. If you can use a fork to cut through you filet like it was butter and it melts in your mouth just the same, than you have yourself one amazing cut of beef. To make things that much better, their creamy crab Oscar was the "icing on the ca... - beef".

I decide to go with their Top Sirloin and chose their scalloped potatoes which were very creamy with just the right amount of crispy edges. Not quite as tender as a fillet, I could still cut this thing like it was and their onion and mushroom medley topping that came with my steak was the perfect combination. Lucky for me, it was also lobster tail night and of course I had to add a tail on to my dinner and it was cooked exactly how it should be, flaky and delicious, not rubbery and fishy!

We're not done yet! You have to try their salad bar... Really, the salad bar? Yes, the salad bar! But they're all the same... No, no they're not! Too many places have disgusting looking lettuce that's brown and looks like it had been out all day and the bar itself looks like a bomb went off and a complete mess. A lot of places also provide some kind of bland and boring cold pasta of some kind as well... Not here! Everything looked fresh and well maintained the way it should be and while I would have added a little more seasoning to their minestrone, it was still really good. The thing that surprised me the most was their potato salad. I've had so many variations of potato salad with plenty of them needing to be thrown away that after tasting Woolley's creation, I had to ask the server if I could get the recipe. There was just something about it that my wife and I couldn't figure out, but damn was it good and I even told my wife it was easily my favorite.

We finished the night off with their Berry Crisp that was a combination of fresh berries, ice cream and their homemade whip which was of course was creamy and yummy. I'm not big on dishes like these, but my wife is and she sure liked it and yes, I did have a few bites and I would recommend it for sure. Woolley's isn't going to have you "feel like a pony", but they may have you "feeling alright" and singing ... Hey, hey what do ya' say, I got STUFFED! :)

Woolley's Steakhouse & American Eatery
(Inside Embassy Suites)
7901 34th Ave. So.
Bloomington, MN 55425

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