October 21, 2012

Grease is in the heart, Ah-ah-ah-ah

"... No I wouldn't ask for another - I,I,I,I,I,I, No I wouldn't ask for another..." Oh Dee-Lite... while you might be enjoyable to listen to and having people busting out their dancing shoes, Dugarel's Burger's & Wings wasn't much of a delight and man was the food greasy.

Granted, this place is a sports bar and you should expect just that, but your food shouldn't be swimming in grease! While my wife and I have been to what is better known as Duggie's for beers and apps with friends and family before, this was our first time actually sitting down to have one of their actual entree's.

My wife decided to tackle their Baked Ziti with the typical ingredients of onions, peppers, marinara, mozz and sausage than baked. Sounds good and it wasn't half bad, however we both agreed that is was a little greasy for pasta. I decided to go with their Philly and when it arrived, it actually looked like it was going to be really enjoyable and then I picked up a half. What did I find? A sandwich that had been swimming in grease and although I ate my sandwich because the meat actually was pretty tasty, I could hear myself getting fatter and ready for the gym.

Sometimes I feel like sports bars just don't care about serving quality food and it's not that hard, you just have to find quality ingredients and learn how to actually cook properly. I'll even help you out... you don't have to use large quantities of fatty oils and butter with everything you plan on cooking on a flat top or in a pan and sometimes a little can go a long way. Screw it, I'll give you another helpful tip... If you're using a deep frier, let the food sit in the basket and let all that oil drip off before just plopping whatever it is into a basket. I want to taste the food, not the grease!

Not everything is terrible at Duggie's... They actually have some pretty good tasting wings and their onion rings are a nice sweet onion with a light batter, but again need to sit in the basket a little longer. If you want to see more about those items, visit my Flying Buffalo's? blog. No "I wouldn't ask for another" entree at Dugarel's and definitely had "Satisfaction when we were done...". Better bring your favorite heartburn and indigestion medicine with you if you plan on stopping by for a grease pie!

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Melissa Goers said...

Actually, I did not think the pasta was greasy....Their pizza and wings are actually really good. And the fact they serve popcorn there is awesome! I have had their salads and are better than average for a sports bar. I personally think their food is decent.