September 29, 2012

What's Your Favorite Tree?

"Why am I being asked what my favorite tree is when I'm suppose to be reading about food?" Was that a question running through your head? Don't worry, I'm leading you down a path to some delicious food...... Just through a forest first, that's all!

So what is your favorite tree? Birch, pine, maple? Maybe it's an apple, orange or peach tree... Whatever it might be, I think I may have found my new favorite and quite possibly could be yours, however that's if you're willing to give it a try!

While you're wondering through said forest, a.k.a. 35E in Eagan, you'll come across the Lone Oak Grill. Yep, your new favorite tree just might be a lone oak that sits just off the highway and it's not just there to be watered daily, it's there to serve you some delicious food and indeed it is! Taking over what was formerly the defunct Joe Senser's, the Lone Oak Grill opened a little more than a month ago with a brand new remodel of the entire space and the place looks amazing. In fact they had to overhaul the entire kitchen thanks to the lack of cleaning by Joe Senser's and the patio is enormous with fire pits to keep you warm on those cool seasonal nights. Oh! How bout' some bocce ball while you're there? 2 full size bocce fields for your pleasure!

Time to talk about the food! After ordering up my favorite brew, House of Shandy - Curious Traveler (already a positive experience), my wife and I took to the menu to figure out what we would like to have for dinner. The exceptional service from the wait staff was explaining how they make things in house, fresh daily and explained to us what some of his favorites were, starting with their smoked meats. My mouth started to water and than I saw it... A list of juicy's! :) What to order?

We started with an order of their wings, extra crispy with their homemade tangy sauce which was amazing and if you want to see how it compared to the others we've blogged about, visit Flying Buffalo'? to see how Lone Oak Grill's ranked. Wondering what we ordered yet? I'm sure you can guess it... Yes, I went with a juicy, but I had to and it had everything that I'm looking for in a juicy. You can see it's ranking at the Juicy Lucy Challenge, lets just say it was awesome for now.

My wife went with the special for the night which was the pesto chicken pasta. Most places have no idea how to make something so simple, but the Lone Oak Grill sure did and they should because the owners also own Trattoria Da Vinci in St. Paul which is one of our favorite Italian restaurants and a must try. It was the perfect combo of garlic, basil, spices and the chicken was from their smoker. Pesto chicken pasta with smoked chicken? Oh yes and if you see it as a special and you like pastas, order it!

The Lone Oak Grill is definitely a place to stop by and we'll be back soon to try their smoked treats, custom mac n' cheese and sandwiches. Exceptional service, management, space, food and value! With that combination, their bound to be successful and I have no doubt they will be. They did an amazing job on the renovations, mixing elegance and modern that will make you feel comfortable and if you get a little chilly, take a seat on the couch in front their custom made fire place.

While you're there, say hi to their management team, specifically Paul and ask to be seated in server Brian's section and if you want some guests for the evening, my wife and I would be happy to join you! :)

Lone Oak Grill
3010 Eagandale Place
Eagan, MN 55121

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