July 7, 2012

A Safari In The City?

There is no need for a base camp with this safari or a large truck protecting you from a bunch of wild animals that want to have you for dinner, but this safari WILL provide you with some amazing African cuisine that will have you coming back for more and maybe even getting a chance to have an animal one takes pictures of on a real safari...

Safari Restaurant & Banquet Center and owner Sade (pronounced - saw dee) is an immigrant turned entrepreneur and providing said amazing African cuisine to a growing demand for ethnic food in the midtown neighborhood of Minneapolis. A good friend and food lover himself asked my wife and I to join him and his gal for our first time after trying to explain to me all about the amazing food he had from one of his clients, Safari's owner and that we needed to try it. We're always up for trying something new and exciting, so why not!?

After sitting down and getting an opportunity to meet Sade, he briefly described all the things he wanted us to try and as he explained everything in detail, my mouth started to water and I promptly said, "yes please!" With a giggle, he was heading back to the kitchen for our first dish and appetizer, Sambuza's. Small pastries filled with some of the best ground beef you'll ever get a chance of tasting and it was just the beginning dish...

What could possibly be better than what I just ate? Oh my Gnaw Blog friends, I'll provide you with the full details... How about a platter the size of your thanksgiving turkey platter that's piled high with delicious seasoned basmati rice than throw some curry chicken, roasted goat and seasoned beef in with it. Throw in some additional spices and veggies and you have yourself heaven on a platter... Sound good yet? It should! It's goat for heaven sakes...

One would think it's over after devouring such a delicious meal, but there was more. Yet another large dish piled high with a completely different seasoned basmati concoction which was probably the best rice I've ever had with an aroma of cloves, all-spice and cinnamon with curry roasted goat and marinated basbaas tilapia. How does it sound now?

As we prepared to head out, Sade came by to say thank you for stopping by and to let us know he would have served us camel had he had any in stock.... Did he just say camel? Yep! We were invited back to not only try the camel, but also to experiment in the test kitchen and make an African juicy. What would an African juicy involve, well... that my friends is; lean camel meat filled with goat cheese and cilantro! I found a new friend as did Sade and I can't wait to try his camel and play chef.

The Safari is simply divine and serving some of the finest food I've ever had the pleasure of eating. I'm extremely excited about going back for more and glad my friend had us join him and his gal for an awesome African lunch date, a three hour lunch date at that and well worth it. I know some of you may have a closed mind and won't even consider trying this great food, that's fine, more for me, but for those who are open to trying new foods, I'll meet you at 4th Ave. and Lake street anytime!

Safari Restaurant & Banquet Center
3010 4th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

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