May 25, 2012

No Women, No about this BBQ!

The late Bob Marley really did have it right with one of his most famous hits and when you make a stop by Smalley's Caribbean Barbeque & Pirate Bar in Stillwater, MN, the only thing you'll be crying over is the moment when you've cleaned your plate spotless!

I've always wondered about places such as Smalley's who are serving up native culinary delights from other parts of the world. If someone has never been there, are you really just suppose to take the restaurants word? I've traveled to Jamaica twice in my life and yes my friends, this is one of those places where their word is definitely their bond. To get things rolling in the right direction owners, Tim M. & Josh T. are importing pimento wood straight from Jamaica which is key to the authenticity of their creations.

There isn't one thing on the menu that isn't worth trying, but if you really want the full Jamaican experience, be certain to order the grilled jerk chicken and rice. These boys are even creating their own sauces that reminded me as if I was back down in Montego Bay saying, "Ya Mon!" What else do you need to make your meal complete? A bunch of great side options that are mouthwatering down to the last bite, that's what. A side to keep in mind are their mashed sweet potatoes and come thanksgiving time I run from sweet potatoes like a lot of others do, but I wanted to, as our server also mentioned, is to take a bath in them. There THAT good!

IS that all? Not even close... How about we add in a great selection of beers, a dozen plus varieties of rum punch and finally, a rum menu that includes over 100 different varieties to choose from. I'll leave you with this my soon to be Jamaican food lovin' friends... Irie! (Look it up) :)

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