February 28, 2012

Pick Your Wich!

Not in the mood for a greasy drive through menu? Yeah me either, so I decided to give you my take on the places around town that serve up some fresh and tasty sandwiches instead of a grease pile called a burger and fry value meal! I’m starting with my favorite and working down from there with two new guys you may have yet to hear about.

Jersey Mike’s
Easily my #1 place to grab a fresh sub sandwich! They currently have 2 shops within the metro located in St. Anthony Village & Blaine area with plans to start opening more of them around the metro so I can enjoy them when I want to and not just over my lunch break. As with other shops, you have 2 size selections; regular (perfect portion) and giant (if you’re really that hungry) to choose from along with a wrap option as well. Your sandwich is made fresh on the spot, actually so fresh they’re cutting the meat right in front of you, not taking it out of a wrapper and their hot sandwiches are actually cooked on a flat top and not a microwave. The bread is just the right amount and they are the ONLY shop that still cuts their loaf in half… I know I was surprised too! Make sure to you tell um’ you want it “Mike’s Way!”, which includes their fixins' and some yummy vinegar, oil and spice mixes. If you’ve made enough visits like myself, you can just say “Nick’s Way!” which is Mike’s without the matoes! :) Another great addition to Jersey Mikes is their generosity and willingness to give back to the community and they’re very outspoken about it. My favorite is the Italian, Nick’s Way! You can also make any sandwich into a salad.

Jason's Deli
Is it a deli? Is it a salad bar? How about both! With plenty of great selections on the menu, I'm looking forward to heading back to Jason's Deli on France Ave. in Edina for some more great tasting food between two slices of bread. For my first trip, I decided to go with the pastrami sandwich on fresh focaccia and it was simply delicious. They pride themselves in organic & fresh ingredients and the first restaurant to ban trans fats AND high fructose corn syrup in the U.S. On diet? try their smaller "lighter portions. Vegetarian? They have you covered! Need to watch your gluten intake? Well, they have a gluten-free menu just for you and if you want to build your own creation, yep you guessed it, they have that covered too! 

Which Wich?
With more than 50 different wiches and 60+ fresh toppings to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something that will satisfy your taste buds at this newbie to the metro. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by a wich specialist who will give you directions on how to create your soon to be master piece and it all starts with a bag and a red marker. The bag gives you everything you need to start selecting from 12 standard meat, veggie and breakfast categories and you just mark down what else it is that you would like added to your wich. If you like bread, you might not want to stop here, because unlike some of their counterparts, this place gives you what you want between the slices and that’s what I like to see. Ever wonder what Elvis’ favorite lunch sandwich was? Well you can try it here and it’s a bit strange! Just stopped by for the first time on 02/27/2012 and I had the wicked and I would recommend it. You can aslo turn any combination into a salad.

Jimmy John’s
Well this was my #1 until the other two shops came along, but that’s ok, they’re still a tasty option when having to decide over a greasy meal or some of the guys below them. Even though they cut the bread like it's a hot dog, JJ’s is still providing tasty subs with just the right amount of bread and a good amount of fresh ingredients on the inside. If you like pickles, be certain to grab a giant pickle while you’re there! I tend to go with the Vito or the Country Club.

Those are my top 4 places to stop for a fresh alternative to the greasy fast foods joints. The others that are out there of course are; Subway (always an option), Erbert & Gerbert’s (seems to be more of a college campus shop), Potbelly’s (not big into the grilled seen), Cousins Subs (would eat a burger from McD's first)and Quizno’s (would eat a burger from McD’s first), respectfully.


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Try Marino's Deli off of Johnson Street in NE Minneapolis. The Sub Marino is delicious!

Christine Fischer - NMDP said...

I totally agree with Michah..I have not tasted a better sub then Firehouse! They are by far the best! I live near there so I frequent this new sub place. I would definitely recommend this place!

Nicholas said...

Looks like we have another place to stop by...

Anonymous said...

You should try Caffrey's in Lyn-Lake

Anonymous said...

not a far drive from the others mentioned as great sammies.
Marino's Deli

1946 Johnson Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

(612) 781-0970

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 11 AM to 8 PM