September 13, 2018

Juicy Lucy Challange

Juicy lucy's are becoming a huge hit with burger joints and sports bars. I have set out to taste those juicy lucy's in and around the metro who have claimed the status of "The Original", but also tasting what others have deemed yummyness, yes yummyness!

Follow me as I set out on a journey to discover a juicy that has superior taste and something I could tell everyone to check out and not just base their opinions off a TV Show with a famous person thinking it's the best based on history and not actually tasting ALL the juicy's in the area... I think you all know what I'm talking about! :)

Stay tuned for more information on my take of the Twin Cities "BEST" Juicy Lucy! If you think there is a spot I should hit, Please let me know... The List below are the restaurants that I have visited thus far. Restaurants will be listed in order from the most enjoyable to the least enjoyable and taste testing is based on the establishments CLASSIC juicy lucy. Here are the top 10!

1. Burgers & Bottles
They're known for having some of the very best burgers in town and they're nothing like the rest of the burgers around town. I like to call them - open-faced juicy's. 2 thin patties with lots of gooey cheese between the patties. And now they've created a true juicy masterpiece! Outstanding flavor, cooked perfectly, grilled bun and molten hot cheese with every last bite. Every. last. Bite! Matt's Bar? Never heard of it! :)

2. Blue Door
The most famous for their original Blucy, nicely prepared juicy with blue cheese, garlic and pickles, but it's their classic that I was after. Most places simply do not put enough cheese in the middle so I asked for a slice of cheese on my classic. And, I'm glad I did just that. While there was definitely a good heaping of cheese on the inside, that extra piece just made it that  much better. On top of that, the burger was nicely seasoned as well.

3. The Nook
Well..... there was definitely plenty of hype surrounding The Nook's juicy and it was worth the visit. Like most of my places, not enough cheese - by the time you got half way through, there wasn't any cheese left in the burger. I like cheese with my burger, especially when it comes to a juicy! It was lacking a little meat flavoring, but their version was still a fantastic juicy and still put a smile on my face. Be certain to get their fries and if I ever do a fries challenge, I found a competitor!

4. Jersey's Bar & Grill
Jersey's juicy is one of the best and there's no shame being knocked off the top after spending quite a bit of time there... Filled with a generous portion of cheese and a must try for anyone looking to satisfy their appetite for a juicy. They also have a couple different varieties of juicy's to choose from and every month, they create a one-of-a-kind juicy that is the special for that month.

5. Rudy's Redeye Grill - Rosemount Location
More and more friends of mine kept bugging me to check this place out saying the food was outstanding. I wasn't expecting to see a juicy on the menu at a place like this (nicer restaurant), but there was and I was set on trying it. Too many places overcook their juicy's, but Rudy's cooked it perfectly. Not only that, it was seasoned perfectly. Making it even better, there was plenty of cheese and a buttery and grilled bun to top it all off!

6. Crooked Pint Ale House - Maplewood Location Only
I've been to other locations of theirs, several times alone at the Apple Valley location and was always disappointed and unsatisfied, every visit. But, the Maplewood location actually surprised me! Yes, even I can get surprised from time-to-time. Their traditional juicy was prepared perfectly - still some pink in the burger, seasoned nicely and filled with cheese down to the last bite.

7. Trail Stop Tavern
This place has quickly become one of our go to places for a quick bite to eat and never having a bad experience in the first place. Food is always cooked and prepared per our requests and always delicious. We've had lots of items off the menu, but we typically go for a burger since it's the closest place that is doing it right. As for their juicy's, they're just as delicious and prepared just right. Worth checking one out the next time you're in the area. 

8. Tin Cup
All around good burger and worth stopping by to try.It's a great straight forward juicy with mild seasoning and I could use a little extra cheese! This little hole-in-the-wall place can compete, but it definitely has some room for growth.

9. Fireside Lounge & Supper Club
After a friend told me to stop by, I have to admit, I was expecting somewhat of a mediocre juicy compared to others. To my surprise it was easily the largest juicy that I've come across and the cheese never stopped flowing from the inside, even up to the last bite. It received the 4 spot because the burger itself needed a little bit more flavoring. As for the cheese, it's the first juicy to have nothing but Velveeta cheese and nothing combined with it. Not bad at all, but maybe a little "something" added would have really made this a superb juicy. Would I recommend it? YEP!

10. Buffalo Tap
Decided it was time to check out the Buffalo for some grub and right on the sign... "Famous Burgers & Wings". Decision made I guess! :) Wings and a Juicy it was and they were pretty darn good, for the most part. The burger needed to be seasoned a little better or more consistently, because several of my bites hit me "Mmm, that was a good one!". The other thing I would do to make this a better Juicy, add more cheese! If you think it's enough, it's not! If you want to see how their wings ranked, checked out my Flying Buffalo's? blog.

Wait hold up... Where is Matt's on this list? Yeah, no! That place is terrible!

Matt's Bar 

Trip #1:
No flavor even with the amount of cheese inside. I've heard from others through discussion that it's a so called "hockey puck". If you order it with onions, you'll simply be receiving a gourmet or glorified White Castle version of a juicy. I think they're relying on the age of the flat top to cook flavoring into their juicy's, but it's not working...

Trip #2:
I dubbed my second trip, Second Chance Saturday (it was of course a Saturday) and thankfully, it's cheap to eat here! Awards all over the place from MSP Mag for best burger and best juicy lucy and I just have one question.... How? Who ever is voting for this place for these awards needs to spend some time exploring more than just 1 place, because it was still nothing to brag about! People wait in a line out the door for these things and I could think of plenty of other places I would rather eat at over this place. Oh wait, the 10 places I previously listed...

Do we go back for a trip #3?


Melissa said...

Jersey's juicy DOES have GREAT flavor!

Anonymous said...

Jersey's #1, I tried them when they first started serving them... YUCK

Nicholas said...

Try them again! So who would you consider your #1?

Anonymous said...

The wife had a juicy at B-52 last night, said it was the worst burger she's ever had.

Nicholas said...

Sorry to hear that... Take a stab at the Juicy at Jersey's!

Anonymous said...

Jersey's has a great Juicy and B 52's has the best Buffalo wings I have ever had. Also had a Juicy at the 5-8 club and they are pretty much hanging in there because of their name.

Benn said...

I loved the juicy at Jersey's. Loved the different choices of juicys also. I am gonna have to try Caspers, if it is better.

Anonymous said...

should try the Groveland Tap Juicy Lucy