November 29, 2011


Famous Sandwiches? They just might be and since 1949, Cecil's Delicatessen, Bakery and Restaurant has been busy perfecting today's deli shop! This small family restaurant, tucked away in the Highland Park community of Saint Paul is serving up a large assortment of hot and cold sandwiches and only using the finest cuts of  meat. I've been a huge fan of corned beef and pastrami, but often times end up not finding it at other deli's or it just doesn't look appetizing. However, once I saw the menu, I found a place that could please not only my appetite, but my fiance's as well.

"For the serious eater" as Cecil's likes to say, is the Fresser! A sandwich that is loaded with a 1/2 pound of a combination of; corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and turkey between caraway rye, Russian rye and pumpernickel, then finished off with their own zesty house sauce. WOW! or as Cecil's would put it... "What a sandwich!". This was hands down the best deli sandwich my taste buds have experienced and I'm looking forward to going back to try their other 20+ combinations. My fiance on the other hand went with their classic reuben and the only time she wanted to put it down was to take a bite of her cole slaw or take a sip of pop.
Cecil's is definitely one of those small town deli's that should never be over looked when making a decision on where to eat and if what you just had for lunch or dinner hit the spot, then grab some extra's on your way out the door! Cecil's also has an on-site butcher ready to send that extra pound of your favorite meat selection home with you and it doesn't stop there. They also serve up some the tastiest baked goods around as well as burgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, salads and something I would like to stop back to try... is their breakfast.

Need your home or office catered? Boxed lunch to go? Maybe you would rather have it delivered? Cecil's has you covered! While you're there, take a stab at their house made havla. I'll let the butchers explain it to you, but lets just say........ it's different! :)

Cecil's Delicatessen, Bakery and Restaurant
651 South Cleveland Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55116

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